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15 April 2009 @ 07:22 pm
Till this day, watching documentaries and reading news of the Hillsborough disaster still can make me tear.
20 years on, it's still a tragedy that all Liverpool fans will never forget. so many young lives lost, and it was a tragedy that could have been prevented.

We didn't win chelsea, though i know how much the boys wanted it, to mark this day.
But i am proud to be a Kopite; even without Gerrard, the players didn't lose hope, they fought back, they made me realise this is why i love Liverpool so much(:

JFT 96. R.I.P and YNWA.

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03 April 2009 @ 12:34 am

had a slight fever in the morning, maybe due to the typhoid jab i took recently :/ but feeling fine now. can't afford to get sick since CCA fiesta is coming up and most importantly, camp in a few days time.

haha ystd was a mad day, half of Flying Dutchmen went over to Joseph's house and we had a crazy time there. hundreds of photos, and tons of videos. Hardcore seriously. Masscommers, tsk tsk! but well it was fun and his mom was really nice, providing us with lunch and dinner. for photos and videos, please refer to FB
speaking of FB, it's mad when you post a photo, videos, get tagged or reply to someone's comment. the notifications are never ending. :/

sidenote: SMA regional competition coming soon and once again, it's hard not to feel fear. national teams from Japan, Philippines, Indonesia etc. wahlao go there kena whack only.
29 March 2009 @ 10:33 pm
Slept at 4am today morning and woke up at 3 noon. my body clock is really screwed and it remains screwed even though i had camp yesterday and on friday. Camp trial was good but tiring. My group mates are awesome and we're quite bonded though we don't really know each other before this so it's great. but imagine la, everyone was so freaking worn out and had an early night and i stayed up till 4 cause i couldn't bring myself to sleep.
i have school in about 3 weeks and i cannot let this go on.tsk

Speaking of camp i think the freshies will have a good time. so far the nightwalk plan sounds really scary and good. the games are fine i guess but i think on the real camp itself it'll be even more fun. i hope the freshies will be enthu and high and fun and wild. cause our cheers are definitely gonna be the best if our group's freshies are ^^

Missing my chicken little right now. after like 3 days of fun and meeting, it feels a little weird not to see the fellow GLs.
had a good dinner with Sabrina and Vicson after the camp yesterday and we're planning a movie outing on wed or friday?
that'll be few days before the camp itself and i can't wait!

Stayed home the whole day today cause i got a bad headache from the recent lack of sleep. sorry Flo and Elise ):
(my schedule is like crazy i don't know how i am going to survive :/ bleah)

i stayed home and made so agar agar(jelly) with my mum and i think they look damn nice. looked like neon lights or smth.

(with flash, i like)

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